US Army National Guard Specialist and IDI Graduate Takes Oath of Enlistment to a New Depth

Posted: January 29th, 2019

SPC Jonathan Heaston of the US Army National Guard recently transferred from North Carolina and wanted to do something special for taking his Oath of Enlistment. For many veterans, finding meaningful civilian employment after service can be a challenging task. Jonathan found comradery and a rewarding career path here at the International Diving Institute located at the Old Charleston Navy Base.

Whenever a member of the National Guard transfers between states they must be sworn in, and this time Jonathan wanted to make a statement, so he decided to take his oath 18-feet under water.

“It was a rare opportunity to do something special like this, the support from my former leadership at Fort Bragg and my new unit here was great. It is not often an 11-B gets to swear in under water. Being a commercial diver and instructor, I had the support of Mike and the IDI staff and also SC and NC guard to do so. I would like to thank the NC and SC National Guard and IDI for the memorable experience,” said Mr. Heaston when asked about his decision to be sworn in under water.

It’s quite the site to behold…

“IDI is Veteran-owned and operated and many of our students and staff are Veterans. Jonathan is an IDI graduate and a current IDI instructor. We were honored to now facilitate his swearing in ceremony on IDI’s campus in the dive tank,” Said Michael Hielscher, CEO, IDI.

At IDI, we’ve built a global reputation for training the world’s best divers and underwater welders. We’re proud to be veteran-owned and operated which makes us uniquely qualified to deliver an exceptional educational and practical experience for our students. We have a lot of fun but take our work very seriously. That’s why we’re grateful to have outstanding people like Jonathan as part of our team who understand the honor and dedication to service while thinking outside the box and eager to do something new.

The IDI student body is made up of both civilians and veterans and we encourage anyone to enroll who’s motivated to become an expert diver. Jonathan teaches our preliminary courses which include Dive Physics, Physiology, and Introductory Dives.

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