This course is for verified commercial divers. To learn how to weld underwater, see our Air/Mixed Gas Surface Supplied Diver program which includes underwater welding training.

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The International Diving Institute offers a 2 week, 80 hour course which covers the training you need to test for a Lloyd’s Register Underwater Welder certification.  The course culminates with a practical test proctored by a Lloyd’s Register Surveyor through American Welding Society (AWS).


Welding certifications are typically required when performing emergency welds on ships, as well as certain load-bearing or critical structures. Lloyd’s Register provides an internationally-recognized certification.

Underwater Welding (Certification) Course Cost: $4,900
Entry level requirements

The student is required to pass a Welder Performance Qualification (WPQ) to AWS D3.6:2010 for Underwater Wet Welding. The WPQ testing is witnessed by a Major Class Lloyd’s Register. ANSI standards are used for classroom training and testing.


Lloyd’s Register: Welder Performance Qualification AWS D3.6:2010
International Diving Institute: School Certificate for AWS/ANSI

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A normal day at IDI. Divers practicing flange projects with ROV oversite. While another class learns to weld underwater.
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Please note

  • The International Diving Institute is permanently closed.   The final class completed August 26, 2021
  • Please note for transcript and/or education verification inquiries please contact the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education at 803-737-2260 or visit www.che.sc.gov