Underwater Welding Baltimore

underwater welding baltimore mdUnderwater welding in Baltimore, also known as hyperbaric welding, is performed for maintaining and repairing marine infrastructures that are submerged in water. This process can be done while the welder is surrounded by water or inside a specially constructed enclosure.

Companies that own offshore structures such as compliant towers, concrete gravity platforms, pipelines, ships, and submarines need the services of underwater welders. For this reason, underwater welding in Baltimore is one of the most lucrative jobs available to commercial divers.

If you’re interested in underwater welding in Baltimore, you may want to learn more about the various techniques used for this type of work. Below are the different approaches utilized for underwater welding in Baltimore:

Wet Welding

This method in underwater welding in Baltimore is usually used for shallow depths. Wet underwater welding in Baltimore is carried out by using a water-proof stick electrode. This process is efficient because it allows the welder to move freely underwater.

However, this technique can be difficult to pull off because there’s a possibility that the weld will cool down too quickly. Wet underwater welding in Baltimore must be performed with extreme caution because the low temperature of the surrounding water increases the chances of cracking. There are two methods in wet underwater welding in Baltimore:

This technique of wet underwater welding in Baltimore makes use of continuously fed electrode or metal fillers. Flux-cored arc welding is commonly utilized for cast-iron metals and nickel-based alloys.

For this kind of method in wet underwater welding in Baltimore, heat and friction are the main components. Melting materials to fuse metal isn’t necessary for this technique of underwater welding in Baltimore.

Dry Welding

When we think about underwater welding in Baltimore, we picture the work being done while the welder is fully submerged. Dry underwater welding in Baltimore, however, takes place in a dry environment. This type of underwater welding in Baltimore makes use of a hyperbaric chamber or a sealed habitat that allows the welder to perform the task in normal conditions.

This approach to underwater welding in Baltimore is used when the repair needs to be carried out in deep areas. Additionally, it’s possible to perform preheating or post weld heat treatment when this method is utilized. There are four techniques used for dry underwater welding in Baltimore:

This technique of dry underwater welding in Baltimore is done inside a chamber with ambient pressure. The atmosphere allows the welder to perform underwater welding in Baltimore without having to wear diving gear.

With this process of underwater welding in Baltimore, welder-divers do the work in a chamber where the pressure inside is the same as the outer environment. The chamber only displaces water but doesn’t regulate the pressure for the workers inside.

This type of dry underwater welding in Baltimore requires the welder to wear complete diving gear. Dry chamber welding uses a habitat that only covers the worker from head to shoulders.

This technique of underwater welding in Baltimore uses the smallest type of habitat. With dry spot welding, divers use small and transparent gas-filled enclosures. The chamber is only big enough for the welder’s arms to fit.

Pursue a Career in Underwater Welding in Baltimore

Turn to the International Diving Institute if you want to work in the industry of underwater welding in Baltimore. Veteran owned and operated, IDI is one of the leading academies that offer classes for underwater welding in Baltimore.

We provide a two-week, 80-hour course for people who want to be certified for underwater welding in Baltimore. You can rest assured that our instructors will provide you with the education that you will need for this profession.

Our mission is to prepare our students for a career in the marine construction industry. Enroll today to begin your journey as a specialist in underwater welding in Baltimore.

See the World Underwater Like Never Before

Marine construction covers a variety of career paths and work than most people assume. Numerous skill sets are required to be certified for the field. However, working as a commercial diver isn’t like any other job in several aspects. To qualify for one, you need to be prepared to enter into an environment different for most workers—underwater.

Take the Plunge, the IDI Way

Aspiring for a career in commercial diving requires not only passion and initiative, but also skills to prepare you for your first plunge into the water. The International Diving Institute aims to provide students with comprehensive training that meets industry standards. With the technical skills and professional qualities you’ll be equipped with, you can guarantee a career outside the walls of the institute.

At IDI, we keep no more than 15 people per class to give more personal and hands-on training for each student. You’ll be able to train for over 30 hours underwater as part of our Commercial Diving Program. This curriculum allows you to enhance your skills and capabilities required in the industry.

Everything you do at IDI prepares you for advancement in the commercial diving industry. From classroom lectures to field tasks, all of them are designed for real-life applications. The instructors you’ll be meeting can provide you with insight and hands-on training honed by their years of experience in the industry.

A Challenging and Adventurous Career Path for You

If you want to pursue a career in marine construction, IDI is the best place to start. Explore all the courses we have to offer below!

Train for marine construction and perform inspection, maintenance, repair, and installation of various underwater infrastructures.

Learn through classroom lectures and practical exercises to become a certified unrestricted surface-supplied commercial diver.

Become fully-prepared to take a Lloyd’s Register Underwater Welder certification exam through this training.

Train for both general and commercial diving purposes using land-based and underwater principles.

Learn to remotely operate a craft or vehicle through 30 hours of practical hydraulics and other required training exercises.

Learn to burn virtually all metals and other materials with the Broco Underwater Ultrahemic System.

Train in a Real-World Environment

Known for its rich diving history, Old Charleston Navy Base is home to all the classrooms and facilities of IDI. The place serves as an advantage as well as an opportunity for all aspiring commercial divers as they can train in a real-world environment.

We give our students access to yards and docks previously used by the Navy, allowing them to train in the same environment as professional divers and welders. Additionally, we have facilities that include freshwater tanks used for the different training needs of our pupils.

Building a Community of Divers

For us, pursuing a career in commercial diving doesn’t mean you’re only constricted inside the four walls of a classroom or at the training site. At IDI, there’s more to attending lectures and training. We can also provide you with an upscale, comfortable place for you and your fellow students to live in while training.

The student apartments we offer at Charleston, SC come with fully-furnished facilities, such as bed and bathrooms, and appliances, including gas stoves, washers, and dryers. There’s also a fitness center where you can keep yourself in shape and physically active when you don’t have training.

Aside from its location near the ocean, Charleston, SC also boasts numerous entertainment options that attract students and tourists from various places. This makes the area perfect both for training and maintaining your social life.

Take the First Dive With the International Diving Institute

Choosing the right commercial diving school is the first step you can take to achieve your dream. And the International Diving Institute will lead you through all the succeeding stages you need to reach that goal.

Are you ready to dive in? Get in touch with us now at admissions@idicharleston.edu. You can also give us a call at (843) 740-1124, and we’ll be there to assist and provide the information you need.


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  • The International Diving Institute is permanently closed.   The final class completed August 26, 2021
  • Please note for transcript and/or education verification inquiries please contact the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education at 803-737-2260 or visit www.che.sc.gov