International Diving Institutes ROV Instructor Interviewed Regarding Thailand Rescue Efforts

Posted: July 09th, 2018
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Global News interviewed International Diving Institutes ROV instructor regarding the rescue efforts in Thailand.

A commercial diver with more than 35 years experience’ says that the ongoing efforts to rescue a team of soccer players in Thailand are unimaginably difficult and intimidating.

Mike Roberts, owner of Divetech Limited in Goodwood, N.S., says that he can’t imagine the long, narrow path to reach the eight children and one adult who remain in the cave.

“They’ve got cave divers who are having to take the cylinder off of their back and slide the cylinder through first, before they can squirm through, and they’ve literally got the ceiling touching the back of their head and the floor touching their chest,” Roberts said on Sunday.

Earlier in the day it was announced that four of the team members had been successfully rescued from the flooded Tham Luang cave.

The group — some of whom are weak swimmers and as young as 11 — have been trapped underground for more than two weeks.

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