At IDI, we want our students to feel
like they’re at home while training
for a career in commercial diving.


Newly Renovated Residence

Right Beside the School

Within Walking Distance
of Park Circle in
North Charleston

Student housing is available for International Diving School students
1580 Turnbull Avenue Building NH61, North Charleston, SC 29405. It is a 2-story building near the corner of Avenue F and Turnbull Street. The dorm is a co-ed building capable of housing approximately 148 students.


The International Diving Institute (IDI) has Thirty-Five Rooms 2 bedrooms 1 bath Suite style bedrooms. Residents share rooms with personal sinks and internal bathroom. The dorm is air-conditioned/heating, has Wi-Fi, and features a common room; a study room; free, in-building laundry facilities; ice machine, microwave ovens and coffee machines.


The living quarters are less than 3 miles from Park Circle in North Charleston, SC – a beautiful, urban downtown with restaurants, and parks. Our student common area has internet access for student use. The rooms are furnished with beds and storage for personal items. Students are required to provide their own linens, towels, sheets, pillows, and blankets and toiletries.


South Carolina tourist activities


Not only is Charleston, SC an advantageous oceanside location for aspiring commercial divers and underwater welders, but the coastal climates, sand beaches, fine dining, and endless entertainment options attract students and visitors from all over the globe.

South Carolina tourist attraction


Founded in 1670, Charleston is one of the oldest and most vibrant cities in the United States. Its rich history shines through its cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages, antebellum houses, and beautiful gardens. Just take a walk through the historic French Quarter district and feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

South Carolina tourist entertainment


The unique culture of Charleston blends English, French, West African and traditional Southern U.S. components. This diversity has helped the downtown Peninsula earn a stellar reputation for art, music, architecture, cuisine, and fashion. In addition, Charleston is home to several professional and amateur sports teams.

Charleston homes


Aside from its popularity as a tourist destination, the city of Charleston has received high praise over the years including 2019’s “Best Place To Live” by Outside Magazine, 2019’s “#1 City In The U.S.” by Travel + Leisure Magazine, and 2019’s “The South’s #1 Best City” by Southern Living, to name just a few.

Please note

  • International Diving Institute is no longer accepting students
  • International Diving Institute will continue training its current classes to their completion but will cease operations after that time
  • The final class is expected to complete August 26, 2021
  • If you have any questions regarding transcripts please contact us at 843 740-1124 or