See the World as a Commercial Diver

Posted: June 04th, 2018
Commercial Diving,International Diving Institute

If you’ve always wanted to see the world, a career in commercial diving could be right for you. Commercial divers often travel from site to site as they complete one project and take on another. These sites could be a short drive from each other, or half a world apart.Commercial divers are in high demand all around the world because they can perform a wide variety of tasks and play a crucial role in many industries. This high demand means that you’ll likely be able to find work near just about any destination.

One of the first decisions you’ll have to make as a commercial diver is whether you’ll be an offshore or inland diver.If traveling is high on your list of priorities, offshore diving is probably the right choice for you. You’ll have many opportunities to travel to new and exciting places if you pursue a career in offshore diving.Offshore divers often spend quite a bit of time away from home. While on assignment, they’ll spend as much as six weeks at a work site before having a week off to spend at home. Then, they may enjoy a short break before traveling to a new work site. Inland divers, on the other hand, tend to have more traditional schedules. Although they may travel from time to time, they often work close enough to home to be able to spend every night with their families.

Something to keep in mind is that you don’t have to choose offshore or inland diving and commit for life. For example, you might choose offshore diving at the beginning of your career as a chance to travel and experience large shifts in tasks and culture. If you later have a family and find that the frequent traveling of a career as an offshore diver no longer fits your lifestyle, you will always have the option of switching to inland diving to remain closer to home.

Many offshore commercial divers love the comradery of weeks spent out on the water with their coworkers. Together, they experience a large variety of new and exciting tasks and cultures, unlike anything you’d take part in while sitting at the same desk every day. These divers have the opportunity to travel the country and the world while getting paid to do so. If you think a career as a traveling commercial diver could be right for you, contact IDI today. We offer certification through the internationally-recognized Lloyd’s register. Our experienced staff will prepare you to thrive in your career as an offshore or inland commercial diver.