Learn to perform inspection, installation, and commercial diver support underwater—Remotely operate vehicle training that meets or exceeds IMCA recommendations.

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Our ROV course was written  to follow and exceed the IMCA ROV training recommendations R002 “New Personnel Entering The ROV Industry” as well as R0010 ” ROV Course Outline Syllabus”


As as part of ROV training, we run 4 week, 171 hour of training with no simulators, all piloting is held in our dedicated ROV classroom as well as at a local private quarry and is hands on flying. Students are given an IMCA ROV pilots logbook at the start of the course and log their piloting time, depending on student numbers the average piloting time is around 10 hours at the end of the course.


Included in the course is 30 hours of practical hydraulics training as well as practical fiber optic training and umbilical testing, repairs, in conjunction students also use electrical test equipment such as multi-meters, insulation test meters, oscilloscopes as well as learning soldering techniques and use of hand tools. Practical piloting exercises include diver support, pipeline survey, wreck survey as well as a practical evidence location, recovery and preservation.


Training is a continual assessment of competency by practical demonstration as well as weekly knowledge exams as well as a final exam after 4 weeks, students also carry out a hydraulics exam after completing the hydraulics training modules.


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ROV Pilot & Technician Course Fees: $8,500

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A normal day at IDI. Divers practicing flange projects with ROV oversite. While another class learns to weld underwater.
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  • The International Diving Institute is permanently closed.   The final class completed August 26, 2021
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