Possible Career Paths for IDI Graduates

Posted: February 23rd, 2018
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Once you have completed your course work at IDI and earned your certifications, you will be prepared to begin your career in various capacities in the maritime industries.  These are lucrative jobs with opportunity for advancement and with many possible routes to choose.  Below are a few of the career paths commercial divers may choose to pursue.

Underwater Welder
Underwater welders play an important role in a variety of industries.  For example, they may conduct oil rig maintenance, work with construction crews, and even repair the damaged hulls of ships.  Underwater welders are highly skilled workers who regularly engage in technical tasks.  They appreciate the opportunity to constantly learn new skills and meet new challenges.

Criminal Investigator
Criminals often toss important evidence into bodies of water.  This creates a serious issue for law enforcement who must recover the evidence to present a solid case in court.  Divers work with law enforcement to retrieve the evidence.  This is quite a rare diving specialty, but it offers a variety of assignments and the chance to play an important role in making your community a safer place.

HAZMAT divers deal with hazardous materials.  Sometimes this means diving into water treatment tanks to conduct routine maintenance.  It could also mean reacting to an oil spill or other underwater emergency.  IDI will provide the training you need so that you know how to take the appropriate precautions, maintain your safety, and play an important role in the commercial diving industry.

Offshore Saturation Diver
Saturation divers often spend a month straight working underwater.  When they are not working, they live inside a diving bell or compression chamber.  Saturation divers stay under pressure until their bodies have absorbed so much nitrogen that they cannot absorb any more.  At the end of their month under water, saturation divers must undergo a decompression process.  Although it entails long stretches away from home, offshore saturation diving positions offer excellent compensation and many exciting opportunities.  The current compensation for Offshore Saturation Divers in the North Sea is $2,200 a day.

Inland Commercial Diving
Inland commercial divers conduct a variety of tasks.  On any given day, they may repair a ship’s hull, work on underwater pipelines, conduct a salvage operation, or clean water intake and outtake systems.  There are job opportunities for inland divers at power plants or water treatment plans.  Many inland divers work in lakes and rivers and can return home each evening.

The world of commercial diving is full of exciting opportunities for employment in a field with high salaries and room for advancement.  If you’re ready to take the plunge and embark on your commercial diving career, register for classes today!