Meet Jack Bauer, Underwater Welding Instructor

Posted: April 19th, 2018
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Jack Bauer Underwater Welding Instructor



I teach a two-week (80hr) wet welding course here at International Diving Institute.  The course is demanding with heavy emphasis on electromagnetism, safety, metallurgy, electrolysis, thermodynamics, and joint design. Students get an Jack Bauer Underwater Welding Instructoraverage of 20-24hrs of actual wet welding time utilizing different machines and various types of electrodes. We do this to ensure our graduates are more efficient and adaptable in the field. On the last day of the course, students have the ability to earn a Welder Performance Qualification (WPQ), which meets AWS D3.6M:2017 Class ‘B’ code. The test is witnessed by the major classification society, Lloyds Register, one of the oldest and most accepted classification societies throughout the world. Though the course culminates with a weld test, we don’t train “testers;” we train welders. We focus on teaching the “why” factor here and it shows through student performance. “If you’re not burning, you’re not learning.” The wet welding course at International Diving Institute has a large alumni composed of US Navy Divers, US Army Divers, Army Corps of Engineers, and numerous commercial divers in both the inland and offshore industries.

If someone is looking to learn the art of wet welding, I hope to see you here at International Diving Institute.