IDI trains U.S. Army Alpha Company 169th Engineer Battalion in Underwater Welding Certification

Posted: August 11th, 2017
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Underwater Welding Certification Training

Capitalizing on a two-year affiliation with Alpha Company, 169 Engineer Battalion – U.S. Army Engineer Dive School, based in Panama City, Florida, members of this elite Army unit were on hand at International Diving Institute for the past two weeks learning the skills necessary to become elite underwater welders. U.S. Army Engineer divers are skilled in reconnaissance, demolition, salvage and welding tasks.

Although all the Army instructors were already certified in commercial diving, IDI is the ONLY institute in the United States that offers an underwater welding certification, and the ONLY civilian dive training facility in the U.S. approved by Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA).

The Army Corps of Engineers  were on hand as well to be tested in the Class A Underwater Welding test through AWS and Lloyds Register. This test is the most comprehensive test there is for underwater welding. Below is an image of the class, who all passed.

U.S. Army Alpha Company 169th Engineer Battalion trained by IDI in Underwater Welding Certification

U.S. Military Partnerships

IDI has a track record of proven leadership with U.S. Military organizations including an agreement with Underwater Construction Team 1 & 2 (UCT-1,UCT-2), of the Navy SeaBees, as well as the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) to instruct their instructors in the vital practice of Underwater Welding. The skills learned at IDI prepares the personnel at Sea Duty (UCT-1) to deploy worldwide and conduct whatever construction, inspection, repair & demolition operations of are needed to support both peacetime & wartime missions.

IDI also lead the instructors of UCT-2 in underwater welding so their personnel their can continue their ongoing mission of supporting the construction, inspection, repair and maintenance of U.S. Navy & Marine Corps ocean facilities, as well as support a fleet of Marine Force (FMF) amphibious assault assets.

Logo of the U.S. Army Deep Sea Divers

Logo of the U.S. Army Engineer Divers

Accelerated Program

Because the U.S. Army instructors are already certified in commercial diving, IDI has developed an accelerated, 2 week, high-intensity under water certification curriculum that allow the instructors to take their certifications and apply what they learned to Army & Navy divers at the Panama City Dive School.

“It was an honor and a pleasure teaching the elite instructors of Alpha Company, 169 Engineer Battalion. The instructors were already well ahead of the curriculum and performance level, and conducted themselves in an extremely safe manner.”, IDI President Michael Hielscher said. “The training we have provided here at IDI will allow the Army instructors to prepare their units to deploy across the world fulfilling repair & construction missions. We are honored to be a part of such a vital support mission to our military facilities.”