According to the ADCI physical requirements, a person having any disqualifying conditions, as determined by a physician’s examination, shall be disqualified from engaging in diving or other hyperbaric activities.

Be 18 years old or older have a high school diploma or GED. Must be a U.S. citizen. Students must pass a Commercial Diving Physical and Sign a Release and Waiver of Liability Form.

Pass a Physical Fitness Test:

  • Swim 400 Meters
  • Tread Water for 10 min

A student must pass a Commercial dive Physical administered the first week of school. If a student chooses to get a physical on their own, they must get an DCBC physical by a licensed physician in their area that is qualified by experience or training to conduct commercial diver physical examinations.

*NOTE  The ROV Pilot Program does not require students to pass a commercial dive physical. All other programs list requires at minimum the Air/Mix Surface Supplied Diving Certificate.

Yes, students with prior military duty may be entitled through the Veterans Administration program to have educational benefits. Our certified VA officials will help you through the process.

Yes, IDI offers on-campus housing, which is conveniently located at 1580 Turnbull Ave. Building NH61, North Charleston, SC 29405. The dorm is a co-ed building capable of housing approximately 148 students. The International Diving Institute has Thirty-five rooms with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath suite style bedrooms. Students share rooms with personal sinks and an internal bathroom. The dorm is air conditioned/heated, has WI-FI, common area, study room, free in building laundry facility, ice machine, microwave ovens and coffee machines.

The on-campus room and board is not required but offered as an alternative to our students.

IDI will ensure that adequate training is provided to every student with the intention of gainful employment in the Maritime Construction Industry upon completion of the program. IDI cannot guarantee employment, but every effort will be made to place students.

Listed below are some of the Employers our students work for:

  • Industrial Diver’s Corp
  • Moran Environmental Recovery, LLC
  • Marine Technology
  • Underwater Construction company (UCC)
  • National Marine Diving
  • U.S. Underwater Services

Questions regarding disqualifying physical conditions are referred to the ADCI website. We also recommend you speak with your primary care physician to ensure you meet all the physical examination standards listed on the ADCI site.

Our institute is only accredited to certify US citizens at this time. We do not meet the accreditation standards to accept international students.

A TWIC card is not required at the time of enrollment but is encouraged to apply for and have upon graduating since it is a requirement for a majority of the job opportunities in the diving industry.

No, you do not need to have any diving experience prior to attending our Air/Mixed Gas commercial diving program. Our students will graduate with their open water certifications.

All the dive gear needed for the course will be issued as part of the fees. A gear list can be provided to those upon request. 

  • IDI T-shirt – school uniform (provided in gear package)
  • Long pants or jeans (no holes or tears in clothing) required during school hours (please wear a belt)
  • Steel toe boots
  • PT/Physical Training clothing (gym shorts, sneakers etc.)
(AMG) Air/Mixed Gas Surface Supplied Diving – (16 weeks)

*Certifications include ADCI – Entry level tender/diver, DCBC- restricted surface supplied air diver, ACDE – Association of Commercial Diving Educators, and an IDI Training Certificate

(DCBC) Diving Certifying Board of Canada – (4 weeks)

*Certifications include a DCBC- unrestricted surface supplied air diver and an IDI Training Certificate
**This program is taught on a dive boat in Lake Murray in Irmo, South Carolina

Lloyds Underwater Welding – (2 weeks)

*Certifications include Lloyds Register and IDI Training Certificate

Underwater Burning – (1 week)

*Certifications include an IDI Training Certificate

HAZWOPER/HAZMAT Technician/Contaminated Water (1 week)

*Certificates include an IDI Training Certificate

ROV Pilot and Technician – (4 weeks)

*Certificates include an IDI Training Certificate


Please note

  • The International Diving Institute is permanently closed.   The final class completed August 26, 2021
  • Please note for transcript and/or education verification inquiries please contact the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education at 803-737-2260 or visit www.che.sc.gov