A Day in the Life of an IDI Student

Posted: May 12th, 2018
IDI Students,International Diving Institute

The best way to learn if a specific school is right for you is to speak with current students. These students can give prospective students insight that no one else can. So, we spoke to one of our exceptional students and asked him to elaborate on his IDI experience.

Joseph Kacer, III will graduate from IDI in a few weeks with his ADCI certification. Looking back, he said he can’t describe a typical day at IDI because each day is so different. He said this variety is part of what he loves about the school: he gets to learn something new every day.

Joseph has been diving for years, since he started working at his father’s diving company as a teenager. Recently, however, he said the demand for certification has increased, so he decided to attend IDI to get his certification. He said he chose IDI because of its strong reputation as a high-quality school, its reasonable pricing, and its relatively short program length.

During the first month or so, your education is centered primarily around the classroom, according to Joseph. While in class, students learn the basic principles of diving and the science behind it. They also take assessments to be sure they have mastered the material.

After the first month, the classroom and desks are exchanged for dive tanks and wetsuits. First, students participate in a number of orientation dives to familiarize themselves with diving. Then, they begin to perform a variety of commercial diving tasks in IDI’s dive tanks and in the nearby Cooper River. Joseph said these mock tasks are “as realistic as you can get.” These tasks are designed to prepare students for all of the real-life challenges they will face as soon as they graduate. For example, Joseph said he recently spent time burning and repairing a pipe underwater.

At IDI, we understand the importance of hands-on instruction. Joseph said he loves that the dive tanks have windows where instructors can watch students work. This allows the instructors to critique students and give them advice on how best to complete their tasks. Joseph has been very impressed with all of his instructors. He said they have all been happy to share their experiences through their many years of real-life commercial diving with him and his fellow students.

In addition to IDI’s affordable, high-quality education, Joseph has fallen in love with the school’s location. He said Charleston is a great place to be and that it has been a welcome change to take a break from his native New England’s cold waters and to dive into Charleston’s warm water!

We hope Joseph’s insight has helped to give you a new perspective on IDI. If a school that affordably prepares you for success in the real world sounds good to you, contact us today. You can be sure every day of your education will bring a new adventure!